DOOM from the Hill.

I just got sent something that was pretty garbled, but the gist of it is: the Hill’s reporting on at least 10 House races. Of them, 2 have the Democrat ahead and the others have the Republican ahead. Or possibly it’s 22 races, and the GOP is ahead in 19, Democrat ahead in 2, 1 tie: as I said, what I got sent was a link to something that’s pretty garbled.

Names in parentheses are the Republican candidates (the Democratic ones can fend for themselves).

Democrat Ahead
IL-10 (Kirk’s old seat) (Bob Dold)
WV-01 (David McKinkley)

Republican Ahead
TN-08 (Stephen Fincher)
WA-03 (Jaime Herrera)
AR-01 (Rick Crawford)
WI-057 (Sean Duffy)
HI-01 (Charles Djou)
PA-07 (Patrick Meehan)
NH-02 (Charlie Bass)
MI-01 (Dan Benishek)

There’s a lot of embarrassing results there for the Democrats, of course – but probably the two  most embarrassing are HI-01 and AR-01.  Charles Djou was scheduled to be a pushover and placeholder (guess nobody told him); and Rick Crawford is leading his race by 12 points, in a district that hasn’t had a Republican representing it in a century.  Guess the prognosticators are going to have to do some more revising…

Moe Lane (crosspost)