#rsrh The Democratic narrative, crystallized.

The voters were stupid and ignorant.”

…at least, that’s why I think that I bothered to save this one from the weekend; it’s a HuffPo piece, which means that it’s both inaccurate AND hideously biased.  I suppose that blaming the voters – and the GOP, of course! – for the Democratic party’s generally lackluster fundraising, recruiting, and electoral efforts is more appealing than concluding that perhaps the voters actually were paying attention, and voted accordingly.

But I should be nicer about this.  It’s always easier to assume that in any dispute between yourself and the people, it’s the people who are always self-evidently wrong…

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “#rsrh The Democratic narrative, crystallized.”

  1. In the “marketplace of ideas” the D’s got their collective(ist) asses handed to them. But of course they hate markets of any kind. Now they say “the market is wrong”.

    I’ll stick with the market.

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