#rsrh Keyword for the 112th Congress:



I need to know these things, people.  Contrary to persistent rumor and all available evidence, I am not in point of fact an expert on everything.

Moe Lane

*Short version: it’s the bit in a law where it’s noted that declaring one part of the law unconstitutional doesn’t make the rest of the law unconstitutional, either.  Standard practice to put that in there, these days…

…but then, nothing about Obamacare was standard practice.

5 thoughts on “#rsrh Keyword for the 112th Congress:”

  1. Well, it might be Obama’s secret escape strategy. There’s few things that would better fire up his base for 2012 than having Obamacare get declared unconstitutional, and it would give Obama an excuse to run away from it without completely losing the Liberals.

    Then again, that would assume Obama had some sort of long-term plan other than “waltz into office and grace America with my presence”

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