#rsrh Interesting comparison pictures on the Manolo…

here.  Basically a look at the way British female conductors dressed back in the beginning of the Twentieth Century (specifically, their boots – it’s the Manolo, which means shoe-blogging), with an added comparison with the frankly monstrous uniform that they make Amtrak employees wear.

I had an interesting conversation with my wife about this, actually: she feels that the Amtrak uniform may just have been a particularly bad example.  Personally, from my experience riding the rails it was pretty representative, but that was years ago.  More to the point, there’s a question: obviously we don’t want people being sexually harassed at work, but is there some other option in fighting that besides having women dress in ill-fitting and aesthetically displeasing clothing?

I don’t actually have an answer, sorry.

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  1. “The hello kitty bag tells us that this is the lady.”. The manolo is truly the genius of the writing.

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