#rsrh Hey! Want to keep radicalizing me…

…with regards to adopting a more pro-life position?

Then have people keep writing passive-aggressive Kermit Gosnell-situation apologetics like this one.  Actually, the problem isn’t the writing; it’s the publishing.  Because every time I see a pro-choicer start off on this topic without admitting that the Gosnell story confirms the absolutely worst fears and suspicions of the pro-life movement*, I get just a little bit angrier.  And the angrier I get, the more I stop caring that people have a problem with me having a problem about being lied to.

But I hear that the other side wants to find some common ground?  Fine.  Let’s start with “Born-alive babies are not to be killed.”  Then the pro-choice movement can explain how they [expletive deleted] that one up, and what they’re doing to keep from [expletive deleted] that up again.

Also, Ms. Kuschmider?

And you do not have the right to impose your personal sexual morals on anyone else. You don’t. It’s rude. So please don’t try.

You go first.  Thanks in advance!

Moe Lane

*Fears that we were told were ridiculous, exaggerated, hyperbolic, and generally silly.

4 thoughts on “#rsrh Hey! Want to keep radicalizing me…”

  1. The biggest political damage from this (and it’s piddling compared to the human toll) is the end of pro-choice Republicans. Tom Ridge showed us just what they’re worth by ending inspections. Apparently it’s better to let slaughterhouses operate than risk a single abortionist risk being put out of business.

    And I’m approaching this from the same position as you, Moe. Abortion is FAR from my #1 issue; I never counted a politicians stance on it against them either way. But now? If you’re going to be “pro-choice”, you’d better be able to convince me you’re serious about preventing this kind of horror, and in shutting down the others that exist.

    And you can bet there are others. For all the pro-choicers screech that this is a one-of-a-kind, I don’t hear them calling for the inspections to a) prove it, and b) prevent it from happening again.

  2. As far as I am concerned, everyone involved in perpetrating, covering up, or apologizing for this horror is a ghoul who has voluntarily surrendered their humanity.

  3. Liberals want to forbid the death penality because some people on death row were proven to be innocent. Now that some baby killers have been proven to kill babies after they are born alive as well as kill some mothers, we should insure no more babies or mothers are killed.

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