#rsrh Obama throws PJ Crowley under bus.

Apparently, Crowley – who until quite recently was a State Department guy – was too-publicly critical over the Pentagon’s treatment of Bradley Manning, who is of course locked up and awaiting trial on numerous espionage and breach of security charges.  This will no doubt enrage the Online Left, who has championed Manning’s cause ever since an unfortunate wisecrack of Manning’s regarding how easy it’d be for him to commit suicide while in jail resulted in Manning being put under a Prevention of Injury order and being required to sleep naked until a couple of days ago.  They’re all quite upset about this over on the Left side of the ‘sphere, really*.

I could make a comment that perhaps the Online Left should be more worried about the Afghans that Manning put at risk, but I’m not sure that enough of what we will charitably call the Online Left’s “leading lights”  really get that Afghans are actually people.

Moe Lane

*Insert spluttering, outraged response here.  But at the end of the day: the White House still threw Crowley under the bus; the Online Left is still upset about it; the Online Left is still going to fall into line and obey like good little sycophants; and I am still going to feel justified contempt at the Online Left’s utter lack of self-worth.  I’m just forced to assume at this point that they’ve grown to like being slapped around, or something.

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