#rsrh Nate Silver wastes his time…

…in his latest performance of his shtick (using pretty numbers and graphs to tell people things that they already knew). In this case, Silver’s explaining that no, Waukesha County didn’t create 14,000 votes out of nowhereWhich you already knew, because you saw the press conference where this was already explained, complete with the Democratic canvassing board representative who signed off on it.

But it’s still a waste of time, because Silver’s usual customer base doesn’t want to hear it.  They’ll much prefer to be told that their pretty shiny Quest Object was stolen away from them by the nasty Republicans, oh yes; that way they can still be right.  Not being right is bad.  And actually losing that election after they too-hastily declared victory makes them look foolish, which is worse.

So… no sale, Silver, I’m betting.

One thought on “#rsrh Nate Silver wastes his time…”

  1. Clearly this is fraud!

    The right wingers know that in actuality ZERO voters showed up to vote in Brookfield on Tuesday. NONE.

    The web says that the population of Brookfield is only 39,000 people, so how is it possible that 14,000 people voted? How?

    …but Wikipedia lies!

    The city of Brookfield is not even a real city. It is a parking lot owned by Halliburton and…DAVID PROSSER. Check it.

    They even put up a fake city web site to make the world think it is a real city with real residents and real voters.

    The even hacked into Google Maps to put it on the map with a city hall and everything!

    Ask yourself. Which is more probable?

    That this is fraud and that ZERO people voted in Brookfield on Tuesday?


    That an underpaid, non-partisan County Clerk made a spreadsheet error in an unofficial, uncertified vote count to the Associated Press?

    We know the truth!


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