“…Hanging in a bar?”

(Warning: the below assumes you follow the Girl Genius webcomic – and, really: if you’re not, well, let’s just say that your unfortunate condition is in fact treatable.)

That’s a pretty innocuous statement to have a sneering grin like that associated with it…



Yah, yah, hyu iz kind of screwed there, mine friend.

4 thoughts on ““…Hanging in a bar?””

  1. Ho yas. Hy hef a feelink dot de bad man iz gon to be in a considerable emount uf pain very soon.

    (This bit of Jager speak brought to you courtesy of the Jagermonster translator found here.

  2. ..so a guy walks into a Jagermonster bar and asks for a hammer.

    No- that’s not a joke; that’s the first line of an autopsy report. A LONG autopsy report.

  3. Zo, hyu vant to gets hemmered.. Here in diz bar? Oddly enough, diz iz a vish dot can be granted.

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