#rsrh I roll to disbelieve these campaign ads.

Ladies and gentlemen, the bar for bizarre ads is being set early this cycle.  Meet Democrat Dan Adler.


“I’m a Korean!”

Via Talking Points Memo, and they’re just as bemused as I am.  More ads at the link; but remember.  Some things, once seen… cannot be unseen.  Particularly when they involve Patty Duke.

Moe Lane

[UPDATE]: Hot Air is not so… forgiving… as I am.

3 thoughts on “#rsrh I roll to disbelieve these campaign ads.”

  1. How funny. He’s running in my district (CA-36), but I’ve never heard of him. The Democrats with any visibility are Hahn, Bowen, and (ew) Winograd. Heck, if it weren’t the fact he’s probably a typical Hollywood liberal, I’d vote for him just for the Patty Duke ad.

    (Actually, I’m voting for Kit Bobko(R), but, the way we’re gerrymandered, a Republican has almost no chance.)

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