So, if [BAD THING HAPPENS] and society collapses…

…civilization will re-coalesce around three groups, probably:

  1. The military.  Guns.  Ammo (people always forget that).  Supplies. Organization. Bases.
  2. The Mormons. Tight-knit.  Community-oriented.  Supposed to keep two years’ worth of emergency supplies with them at all times.
  3. Waffle House.


No, really.  Apparently, at some point in the last ten years or so Waffle House decided to be The Guys Who Are Always Open.  No, We Said Always.  We Have Been Trained: Just Give Us Walls, A Ceiling, And A Seismically Stable Surface And We’ll Get You Some Hash Browns.  Apparently they’re pretty epic about it, too, to the point where a closed Waffle House acts as an informal indication that things are bad in the area (I’m not making that up: the article has FEMA admitting as much, albeit somewhat tongue-in-cheekly).

So, important safety tip there: when you’re looking for somewhere to hole up when the mutant biker zombies are rampaging, head for the area with the functional Waffle House.  Mind you, it could still be an EVIL functional Waffle House, but they’re still the most likely folks in the area to have something resembling coffee.

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  1. A brother-in-law worked with DMORT for a while, including 9/11 and Katrina. I’ll have to ask him about the Waffle House Index.

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