#rsrh QotD, EVERYBODY Hates The Greens Edition.

Walter Russell Mead, while in the process of idly kicking around feckless radical environmentalists:

Snail darters beware: green political cluelessness is about to rock your world.

The context – although it’s plenty good without it, really – is that Mead (who is almost certainly fibbing when he says ” I don’t actually enjoy tweaking the greens*”) is commenting on the quote-unquote ‘strategy’ of the professional environmental movement.  Said strategy?  Finding as many different ways as possible to have the excuse to line up in a row, scream “Bonsai!,**” and charge.

And what do we know about Banzai charges?

That’s right.  They don’t [expletive deleted] work.

Moe Lane

*An absolutely forgivable fib.

**Yes, it’s actually “Banzai!”  Like I’m going to pass up that opportunity for a pun.

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