Debt & Jobs dominate GOP FoxNews/Google debate question requests.

Let me explain this one: there’s a debate Thursday that’s being sponsored by FoxNews & Google.  Google is letting people submit questions via YouTube – frankly, this has more than a slight whiff of gimmick about it, but let’s roll with the notion for a moment.  The preliminary survey of submitted questions indicate that the top two categories of questions submitted are “Government Spending” and Debt (17%) and “Jobs & Economy” (16%), with “Social Issues” (12%) and “Energy and Environment” (9%) being the next two.  By my calculations, that means that roughly 54% of the questions being submitted involve one of those four topics, which I think that we can all agree are legitimately of interest to Republican voters, yes?

Well, WE HAVE YET TO HAVE A 2012 REPUBLICAN PRIMARY DEBATE WHERE FIFTY-FOUR PERCENT OF THE QUESTIONS WERE LEGITIMATELY OF INTEREST TO REPUBLICAN VOTERS.  We have, instead, had inane questions at worst and invitations to intra-debate sniping at best. I for one am getting tired of it.  And, apparently, I’m not the only one, either.

I would appreciate it if FoxNews/Google takes the hint, here.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I also note with some amusement that the top four people that submitters wish to hear from are, in order: Perry, Paul, Romney, & Cain.  I was going to dismiss that because I suspect that people have been spamming the results again; but then it occurred to me that the traditional way of getting rid of Ron Paul is to let him talk.  So, really, feel free to call on him; we can see how many times he can refer to Afghanistan in a domestic policy question.

3 thoughts on “Debt & Jobs dominate GOP FoxNews/Google debate question requests.”

  1. I was hoping that even when Newt Gingrich drops out of the race he’d keep coming to the debates. Seriously. I know, I know. And he can’t win anyway. Still, I love his answers at these things.

  2. Skip all the debates and let Rachel Maddow, Chris Mathews and Bill Maher chose the GOP candidate for the general election. Or, I guess, have the liberal media define the debate. I dunno. I need a drink.

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