Eric Holder caught in lie about when he knew about Fast & Furious.

Permit me to summarize this CBS video on Operation Fast & Furious*:

Eric Holder: I only heard about Operation Fast & Furious after it blew up in 2011!
CBS: Here’s a list of memos that shows that you were briefed on Operation Fast & Furious, starting in July.
Eric Holder: Oh. That Operation Fast & Furious.  Yeah. Um.  I, err, misspoke .  Didn’t know the details.

Seriously, Holder’s argument – if one can dignify his response with such an august label – is what Hot Air calls the “I didn’t do my homework” defense.  Apparently the Attorney General is a busy man who doesn’t have time to read all of the memos sent to him by the assistant AGs:

If the video doesn’t load: the link is here. It pretty much repeats the information in the CBS clip: I put up these two videos mostly to demonstrate that, yea indeed, this story is now at the point where the national media – including the broadcast networks – is taking it seriously. I also want to note three things about the CBS video in particular that is very, very entertaining:

  1. Putting the DoJ’s denial at the end pretty much demonstrates that CBS doesn’t take Holder’s explanation any more seriously than you or I would.
  2. Dan Rather probably hates life right now.  Entertainingly, that observation works whether or not you think that he’d a be reliable Democratic partisan hack under these circumstances.
  3. The best part of that CBS clip is the fact that it’s being distributed by the House Oversight Committee.  Translation? Chum in the water.

I think that we are seriously going to need a special prosecutor for this one.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Operation Fast & Furious, for those people who don’t know, was a government program where federal law enforcement agencies deliberately allowed guns to be illegally resold to Mexican narco-terrorist gangs, in order to see where said guns ended up. As said agencies also promptly lost track of said guns, mostly by actively and deliberately ignoring long-standing safeguards, they usually found the firearms only at various Mexican crime scenes – including one where federal Border Agent Brian Terry was killed by Mexican narco-terrorists. Oh, and the Mexican government was not told that we were giving Mexican narco-terrorists the guns that they then used to kill Mexican civilians.

5 thoughts on “Eric Holder caught in lie about when he knew about Fast & Furious.”

  1. ISTR that Holder has claimed incompetence as a defense, before.

    Either way, he should be canned. If he’s lying, he can’t be trusted in the position to which he’s been appointed. If he’s telling the truth, he isn’t capable of doing the job. Out the door, either way.

  2. Funny — that was the Clinton default defense, too. I remember Rush stating it at one time: “Don’t blame us. We’re incompetent.”

    Must be catching.

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