Father of the Year award frontrunner.

This winner ‘allegedly’:

  • Stole a car
  • Stole a car with his three year old kid in tow
  • Stole a car and got chased by cops
  • Abandoned the car while leaving his kid behind
  • Called the kid’s mother to tell her to pick up the child at the crime scene
  • And… left a BB gun on the dashboard for the child to brandish and point at the cops gingerly approaching the stolen car.

Fortunately, this is not one of those stories: the child was not actually shot.  Thank Heaven for small favors: this is one of those situations where selling the child to gypsies (a favorite, if somewhat cringeworthy to modern ears, threat of my parents’ generation) could be legitimately argued as being a humanitarian intervention…

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Moe Lane

PS: The rap sheet of this fellow?  He’s been arrested and/or convicted of common law robbery, strong armed robbery, manufacture and possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute, distribution of crack cocaine, unlawful carrying of a weapon, resisting arrest, second degree burglary, possession of meth or cocaine base, violating parole, possession of marijuana, possession of hypodermic needles and syringes, burglary, breaking into auto tanks where fuel is stored, weapon sale / possession of stolen gun, possession of meth or cocaine base, resisting arrest and littering.

11 thoughts on “Father of the Year award frontrunner.”

  1. There comes a time when we need to ask ourselves why we don’t put these kind of people to sleep.

  2. And hear I thought I wasn’t as good father as I could have been. I echo Beej and Gator, just wow.

  3. A few years ago, I was living in San Diego County. There was a case of man who was out drunk driving with his son in the passenger seat of his pickup. He’d been seen weaving and coming close to hitting cars on the freeway, but hadn’t been collared. Ultimately, he sideswiped a car left on the shoulder of the highway at high speed. The right side of his pickup was demolished and his vehicle was not operable. Being the FoTY that he was, he abandoned his son in the passenger seat, leaving the child to die there, and lit out on foot because he was an illegal and didn’t want to be deported.

    His illegal wife blamed the INS for her son’s abandonment and death.

    And so it goes…

  4. And everytime one of you yardbirds says to someone, “It’s just a little pot, it’s just a little blow, just a little this or that”, you enable and perpetrate the slime and misery of drugs, and what they’re doing to this country, our society, our homes, our families. But go right ahead, potheads, torch up. The Mexican cartels ain’t killed enough Mexicans to be satisfied, and they’re here too. I bet they shake their heads and laugh and wonder at a country like ours, shooting ourselves in the foot.

  5. I also have to say that the mother won’t win Mother of the Year, either. She procreated with this moron, and actually let him have control over his kid during that episode.

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