#rsrh Me arguing with Colonial Williamsburg plaques, Part 1.

Because, really, just because I didn’t update my blog, didn’t keep up with the news, and limited my email to once a day meant that I stopped being a political blowhard/pedantic pain in the butt (otherwise known as a ‘blogger’):

CW Walk Back In Time Sidewalk Plaque: 1920: From This Date You Accept That Women Cannot Vote.

Me: Bullsh*t.  By 1920 over twenty-nine states had suffrage on at least the Presidential level; Wyoming had given full suffrage for over fifty years at that point. Which may have been why the 19th Amendment passed, don’t you think? – And, not to be a d*ck about this or anything, but I can’t help but notice that the states that weren’t offering women the vote were mostly notorious Democratic party strongholds.  There was a reason why Susan B. Anthony was a Republican, you know.

Yes, I am an absolute joy to go to museums/historical monuments with.

Moe Lane

4 thoughts on “#rsrh Me arguing with Colonial Williamsburg plaques, Part 1.”

  1. It’s the language that damns them. “You accept…” as if those people back then were bad people.

  2. I’ve been to pre-Columbian sites and museums all over the eastern US, and I’ve seen ONE that has up-to-date information on how humanity came to the Americas. Most of them still push the Clovis-first, literally Congressional approved line.

    Though the worst experiences come from other visitors…

  3. Mhm. Slavery and suffrage and right-to-life are following similar patterns. There won’t be big moves, at the federal level, until there’s sufficient agreement at the local and State level… it’s a feature, not a bug.

  4. Could be worse: could be me, dealing with streetcorner petitioners.
    Sometimes they leave skidmarks…

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