#rsrh Send the bill to the Occupiers.

I see (via Instapundit) that Seattle has spent over half a million dollars to keep the Occupiers under some sort of semblence of control, or indeed behaviors consistent with human beings who wear clothes and can function in society. This is, of course, half a million dollars that cannot be spent on other things, so the city is a little aggrieved.

Now, you may say “HA! Democrats. Tough.” But that would be unfair: even in Seattle there are beleagured enclaves of Republicans, conservatives and Ordinary, Decent Democrats that have to pay for the Occupiers’ inability to get past the emptiness of their childhoods. So I propose that the city of Seattle start sending the bills to the various corporations and groups that actually run the Occupy movement – and couple that with somewhat more rigorous paperwork requirements from these people. If nobody wants to take formal responsibility for this ‘movement,’ then they are merely a bunch of unwashed, unhygenic squatters whose squalid encampments may be thus scraped away with a front-end loader without further delay.

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