The American Family Association has NOT endorsed Newt Gingrich[.]

[You’ll notice some updates.  They have since corrected the story.]

I mean, I know that’s what the Hill [was] reporting in its title (“Gingrich wins endorsements from American Family Association, Iowa Speaker“), but that’s not really supported by the original article:

Newt Gingrich rolled out a pair of high-profile endorsements Tuesday, hoping to regain momentum in Iowa as recent polls have shown the one-time front-runner slipping back into the middle of the Republican pack.

Don Wildmon, the founder and chairman of the American Family Association, announced his support for Gingrich on Tuesday. The group, which promotes conservative Christian values and has a nationwide radio network of more than 180 stations, is a coup for Gingrich…

(Bolding mine: screenshot here) Rev. Wildmon is of course the founder of the AFA, but he’s not actually the chairman anymore.  He retired last year for health reasons and is now the chairman emeritus.  His son Tim Wildmon has been in charge of the organization since March of 2010There is no indication of an endorsement by the AFA itself; I have a call out to their press people.  The Hill’s, too. [The Hill has since corrected the story.]

Please note that this is not a criticism of the Gingrich campaign, which did not claim the endorsement of the AFA as a whole.  And certainly getting the endorsement of the Chairman Emeritus of the AFA will be helpful to Gingrich.  But there [was] some confusion over the scope of the endorsement, here.

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