#rsrh Repeal Obamacare, or your grandfather goes to jail.

“Don’t let Grandpa go to the Big House.”

I think that this NRCC ad is hysterical, and I think that the likely reaction from the Online Left when they come across it will be hysterical, too.  Largely because the Online Left has no sense of humor, knows it, and gets kind of resentful when the Other Side manages to be successfully absurd about something like Obamacare.

Admittedly, Obamacare is absurd.  Just not in a good way.

5 thoughts on “#rsrh Repeal Obamacare, or your grandfather goes to jail.”

  1. Buahaha! I still think the RGA’s “Remember November” is the best ad campaign I’ve ever seen.

  2. Very well done. I wonder when the dish system whose ad they are parodying is going to complain?

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