Robert Murphy on Peter Gleick’s faked Heartland memo: “oozing absurdities.”

I am deeply envious of that phrase.

I rather badly want to have been the person who first came up with that phrase, in fact.  I feel that I need to get this on the record.

Anyway, if you were looking for a recap on the entire didn’t-turn-out-as-intended climate alarmist attack on the Heartland Institute by – well, I suppose that it has not been proven in a court of law that Peter Gleick was responsible for the forged memo, so we’ll go with “person or persons unknown who could conceivably have the initials ‘P.G.'” and be done with it.  Anyway, this is a pretty good recap: it describes the initial ‘data’ dump, identifies the central trouble with it (essentially, the central document is a farrago of nonsense and lies, and absent it the ‘supporting’ documents are thoroughly innocuous), notes the ghoulish zeal with which alarmist blogs treated the original ‘revelation’… and ruthlessly spotlights the petulant refusal of most of said alarmists to admit that the whole thing exploded in their face.

Relatively speaking, of course: the media was happy to memory-hole this one.  Which, by the way, is one reason why support for this particular branch of for radical green theology has declined over the years: contrary to progressives’ fond hopes and dreams, rigid control over message dissemination only works up to a point.  And after that point has been passed, said control only acts as a data point in the opposition’s favor.

Yeah, I know that it’s considered bad form to write out things like that; after all, the situation is ultimately rebounding in my side’s favor, so why risk spoiling things?  …Which is an argument with some heft to it, but if I thought that my readers truly deserved the mushroom treatment then I would have stayed in the Democratic party.

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4 thoughts on “Robert Murphy on Peter Gleick’s faked Heartland memo: “oozing absurdities.””

  1. I think those “oozing absurdities” ( 😉 ) are caused by necrotizing immorality….

  2. The nice thing is that it’s perfectly safe to say things like that, and there’s no chance of “spoiling things”, because the watermelon warmenists and their True Believer followers aren’t listening. You don’t have the right (that is, Left) credentials, so all you are is a lackey of Big Oil and a running dog of the Capitalist Oppressor, and even hearing (let alone crediting) anything you say is a mortal sin that cannot be expiated by confession. They are thus guaranteed not to take your advice; heck, if you published the next three Powerball winning numbers, and anybody in their group actually /collected/, that individual would be run out of Teh Movement in disgrace for accepting data from a tainted source.

    It’s all great fun, actually. Say what you please.


  3. When the founder of Greenpeace has been saying for YEARS that the environmental movement was hijacked by Marxists and lost its way, you can safely say whatever you want; the fanatics won’t learn anything from it.

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