One thought on ““Volcano.””

  1. Nice. I once hiked out to the lava flow from Kilauea on a tour guided by the legendary Caltech geologist Bob Sharp. We went all the way out to where to lava was flowing, where the pahoehoe lava was so fresh that small fragments of glass were cooling and snapping off, flying into the air around us. The rubber soles of one of the members of our tour melted off the leather uppers. When we returned, the rangers at the station were very upset at us for venturing out into a dangerous zone, until they found out that Bob Sharp had been our guide. When they found out who he was, they immediately stopped yelling at us and instead asked him to autograph all of his books they had for sale at the ranger station.

    That was many years ago, and the ranger station and the road leading to it have since been wiped out by the lava flows. Bob Sharp died in ’04, but is fondly remembered by all of us who were his students.

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