Charles Krauthammer on liberal panic over Obamacare.

(Via Instaundit) It’s a good article, but I’m linking to it primarily for the ending. To set the scene: Charles Krauthammer was noting that a lot of the Left gets seriously, genuinely confused when confronted with the idea that maybe, just maybe, there are limits to governmental power, and that encroachments on them can be pushed back. After noting the most infamous example (Rep. Nancy Pelosi), Charles goes on:

As was Representative Phil Hare (D., Ill.) As Michael Barone notes, when Hare was similarly challenged at a 2010 town hall, he replied: “I don’t worry about the Constitution.” Hare is now retired, having been shortly thereafter defeated for reelection by the more constitutionally attuned owner of an East Moline pizza shop.

:murmuring: You’re welcome, Charles. Always happy to help.