Comparing the Colombian Prostitute Scandal to Operation Fast & Furious.

As in, comparing the reaction.

So, we now what the priorities are when it comes to American law enforcement officials acting badly.  Secret Service agents who patronize, then refuse to pay, Colombian prostitutes?  People end up getting fired, investigated, and generally have their careers blighted, within days.  DEA/DOJ officials who put cop-killing (and Mexican-civilian-killing) guns into the hands of Mexican narco-terrorist gangs? No firings.  The bare minimum of non-Congressional investigations. Certainly no career blighting.  It’s an… interesting… contrast, especially since nobody died at the hands of government fools in the first case and quite a lot of people died at the hands of government fools in the second.

I think that my readers know quite clearly why this is going on; but they would like somebody to come out and formally say why this is going on.  So here goes: the reason why the Secret Service is getting lambasted by the Obama administration and the feds caught up in Operation Fast & Furious are not was because the highly unprofessional actions of the Secret Service put members of the Obama administration – including the President – at increased personal risk; in contrast, nobody on the White House staff is likely to be shot by a drug gun that was run into Mexico by the DEA. Put another way… when it comes to reacting to federal agents acting badly, the administration puts threats to its personal safety and comfort first through tenth; the concerns and needs of survivors of murdered flyover country law enforcement officers dead last; and dead Mexicans? Not at all.

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PS: If you’ve never read The Ugly American, pick it up.  It’s dated, but from what I remember of the book its portrayal of the average American higher-level staffer as an arrogant and pigheadedly ignorant buffoon is being almost perfectly duplicated by the Obama administration’s hiring procedures these days.

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  1. I have an old paperback copy, and your description is half right – much of the book talks about guys in the field who actually know what’s going on (and are doing good work) being screwed by idiots in Washington who manage to alienate the Sarkhanese and everybody else outside their own clique. Knowing what eventually happened in Sarkhan – er, Vietnam – makes the book very hard going at this point. 🙁

  2. I think the next administration should quietly confiscate the govt owned office PCs of the former AG and his cronies and do a forensic analysis of their hard drives.

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