Fox News reports that Benghazi consulate gave three hours’ warning of attacks.

Having a good morning? This will fix it.

Via Hot Air. Summary: the consulate warned their higher ups of the imminent attack, noted that their own Libyan security detachment was acting questionably, and reported that militia forces would likely be involved. And, relatedly, military intelligence was reporting that this was an organized terrorist attack within hours of the attack. So why the delay in the government admitting it? Fox News didn’t say why here, but I will: it’s because if the government admitted that it was Islamist terrorism, it would have stepped on their narrative that Islamist terrorism was in full retreat ever since Osama bin Laden was killed. So the government did nothing.

And good men died.

2 thoughts on “Fox News reports that Benghazi consulate gave three hours’ warning of attacks.”

  1. I still think that this narrative, of incompetence or a desire not to step on their own narrative is preferable to them getting the truth out. I think they don’t want to admit to running guns to al Qaeda-affiliated groups in Syria, both for the domestic political implications and for the stink that Russia would be sure to make. In this scenario, naked political incompetence is actually a preferable narrative to “worse than Iran-Contra”.

  2. Anyone else notice the irony of the “Bush knew” left being confronted by their own Messiah actually having been told of an impending attack and doing nothing?

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