The Great Chilean Desert Whale Mass Grave.

This is only a mystery if you let it be one.

While working on a highway-widening project in the middle of South America’s Atacama Desert, Chilean workers unearthed an eerie scene that had no business being more than a kilometer away from the ocean: a mass fossil graveyard containing more than 75 ancient whales, reports MSNBC.


…Well, that was interesting: I was trying to get a link to that Far Side cartoon where a fish was given Styrofoam shoes and sent to sleep with the humans, only I ended up on TV Tropes somehow.  Yeah, yeah, I knew that it was a mistake, going in.  But you know how it goes.  You think that you can just go in, get what you need, and then leave.  Never works, but you still think that.

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2 thoughts on “The Great Chilean Desert Whale Mass Grave.”

  1. TV Tropes is an impressive time waster, you never know where you will end up no matter where you start. Great for slipping dumb phases into conversations with people when discussing a movie and be met with an “huh?”.

  2. I’m just surprised they haven’t found piles and piles of broken pot shards and fossilized petunias nearby.

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