Need a job? Go. To. North. Dakota.

After reading this plaintive essay by the New York Times about young voters discovering what happens when they vote against their class interests by voting Democratic (short version: they end up on the street), my first reaction was simply to shrug. But that’s not nice. What is nice is offering these people actual advice, because passages like this:

Two months ago, Mr. Tano gave up an apartment in his native Dallas after losing his job. He sold his Toyota and sought opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.

…clearly indicated that they needed it (who the heck moves OUT of Texas to go get a job?). So, because I’m a giver: here. This is where the work is. North Dakota, with its energy boom and its 3% unemployment rate (the two conditions are not unrelated). They are, in fact, hungry for more workers – skilled, or not.

See? Problem solved. Admittedly, people applying for these jobs won’t use their liberal arts degrees; but then, they’re not using them now. Mostly because those degrees aren’t worth what the education industry promised they were worth in the first place.

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PS: Free advice, though: people looking to do this should stop smoking pot first. And stay off of the pot. They’ll check.


3 thoughts on “Need a job? Go. To. North. Dakota.”

  1. May I add more free advice?
    When you get there and start working, you will notice that things are not run like the state you escaped from. DO NOT try to change it to what you were used to. There is a reason you are FROM that state.

  2. “At any time I could lose my job, my security,” said Mr. Taylor, explaining how he was always the last hired and the first fired.

    “Last hired, first fired” — another of the many ways in which unions are “helping” people who need jobs!

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