Keep. Calm. And. Carry. On.


  • Random speculation in the wake of an attack is bad.
  • Rumor-mongering is bad.
  • Hasty assumptions about attackers’ motivations are bad.
  • Pandering to one’s own prejudices is bad.
  • Relaying of bad information or advice is bad.
  • Virtually EVERYTHING that does not involve directly helping people injured or directly affected by the attack is bad.

So don’t do that.


7 thoughts on “Keep. Calm. And. Carry. On.”

  1. Pray for the victims & their families, pray for the safety of the first responders doing their jobs, give blood, pray for the wisdom of law enforcement to find those responsible, these are the things you can do.

  2. I ask unanimous consent that the motion carry. Hearing no objection, the motion is approved.

  3. It’s the waiting. Waiting for the casualty list, waiting for the facts to come in, waiting to see what vermin takes credit, waiting to see if something else happens, waiting, waiting…

    And knowing you’re too far away to be of any damn help whatsoever.

    All you can do is wait. And pray.

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