Max Baucus (D, Montana) cuts and runs.

And this is pretty epic, too: between his warning of the upcoming Obamacare trainwreck (that Max Baucus helped crash in the first place, mind), and his display of the Hawaiian Good-Luck Symbol to gun-grabbers last week, old Max there isn’t retiring┬áso much as he’s smacking the self-destruct button on his secret volcano lair on his way to the escape pad.

Max Baucus was on my list as being at Some Risk: turns out that what I thought was Baucus feeling invincible was just Baucus getting disgusted at his own party. Alas. Alack.

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5 thoughts on “Max Baucus (D, Montana) cuts and runs.”

  1. And this makes for an interesting question of who the R nominee will be. Rehberg lost a reasonably close one last time, if I recall right, but he’s said he’s not interested in running for office anymore. Who are the other prominent Republicans in Montana?

    1. I wouldn’t have much hope for him anyway, got beat by Tester where Romney won by double digits = get killed by Schweitzer (and Schweitzer’s running – he’s got no hope to be President in the current Democratic Party so it’s either VP or Senate or unemployment). All politicians make the voters thrust unemployment on them; they don’t take to it willingly. GOP has odd trouble winnning statewide in Montana…

  2. Declaring his non candidacy does obviate any consequences for him voting for gun control, if he wants…..

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