Why we’d like Gomez to win MA-SEN.

So, my RS colleague and buddy Dan Spencer has written up something about the Gomez-Markey race for MA-SEN (short version: Ed Markey is not handling well the news that he’s not the overwhelming favorite shoo-in, right out of the gate), and I just want to note something here: yes, we need the seat.

This is tactical, folks.  Right now we’re at 45-55 in the Senate.  To get to 51 we either need to net six seats, or else net five seats and flip Angus King.  This… could be done.  There are paths to that.  But if we win MA-SEN now then the Democrats have to fight on their own turf in MA in 2014.  They’ll spend resources that they don’t want to spend to take it back, because if they don’t then we just need either five seats, or four-plus-King.  Five seats are a hell of a lot easier to get than six.

As to why I want the Senate flipped… a flipped Senate means that legislation no longer lives or dies at the whim of Harry Reid, and that we can require all sorts of awkward votes for Democrats.  Including, most importantly, a budget.  The thought of Barack Obama signing a budget designed with malice aforethought to wreck progressive days fills me with an unholy glee…

Moe Lane

PS: Also: How do you think certain Democratic Senators up for re-election in 2016 are going to enjoy votes on repealing the deeply unpopular Obamacare?  Yeah, I figure that they’ll hate that, too.

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    1. oh yeah, “gun control” will hurt us here. Since both Taxachusetts candidates are gun grabbing 2A destroying statists.

  1. Not to mention, while nobody will admit it, another special-election Obama loss will have a demoralizing effect on Dems.

    1. I hope Gomez wins, but it is simply a numbers game. Scott Brown proved that a Republican from MA in the hand is actually worth less than one in the bush.

    2. I agree that a Gomez win would be the best outcome. I ALWAYS hope the Repub beats the Dem. But go to the man’s own site and see what he says about the issues when he has a free pen. http://www.gomezforma.com/

      Even on his own site he is left of Scott Brown and several Dem. Senators. What are his positions under attack? man the barricades and sing “Red & Black” from Les Miserables?

      1. Honest question, Doc.
        Do you think conservatives are better served by having Harry Reid or Mitch McConnell as the Senate majority leader?
        I haven’t made up my mind yet.

        1. McConnell, but I would prefer Lee or Cruz. I have NEVER advocated for a Demonrat victory in ANY national race, and I am not going to start now.

          I don’t believe in “moral victories” or “losses than turn into long term victories”, this is not Goldwater in ’64.

          Structural changes in this country have made it vital for Repubs to win every possible race, since we are going to lose half of them anyway. America is majority liberal and statist, and it will take a long time and a LOT of drastic changes in the family, education, the media, and even our “shared” culture if we ever want to believe in the silent majority again.

        2. Acat, I answered your question. It was a question that surprised me considering I have been as clear to you about my politics as I have been with anyone on the web.

          I would like a response. You mentioned that you are not sure whether it would be better for conservatives if Reid stayed in power. Well, I am intrigued, please explain your view sir, I certainly explained mine.

  2. Kerry is so much insignificant that I didn’t even remember there was an open Senate seat in MA.

  3. The left Wing Republican veteran ploy has been played. I have seen this up close. The idea is that a conservative can’t win, so you go with a veteran who gets as close to the Dem on the issues as possible. In the end, the Repub gets quite a few votes but loses in the end. He loses because core Democrats vote Dem no matter what, and the non conservative Republican can not turn out the party’s base.

    Again, I hope Gomez wins………I guess, in the same way I hope the Astros win the next game. But I have seen this gambit before up close, the results are usually for the local GOP to go back to the drawing board and try to do better next time.

    1. He loses because core Democrats vote Dem no matter what, and the non conservative Republican can not turn out the party’s base.
      Well then … frack ’em. The Republicans deserve to lose.

      1. so we should support statist gun grabbers, global warming nuts, open borders, and federal gay marriage or “frack us?”

        I support the R and I certainly support the veteran. But the problem is not the base, it is the two smart by half state party’s.

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