Connecticut stops offering Hollywood a luxurious tax break.

It kind of helps if you think of a state as a business enterprise in these cases.

More than 80 movies featuring stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins and Michael Douglas have been filmed in Connecticut over the past seven years, thanks largely to $137.4 million in tax credits to film production companies.

But the parade of stars may stop: Connecticut, confronting budget difficulties and competition from other states—including New York—is putting the tax-credit program on a two-year hiatus.

The move comes as the state recommits to luring television-production enterprises, which it says offer the type of permanent jobs and investments that film outfits can’t.

…if you offer $137.4 million in tax credits, and you don’t get a suitable return on your investment, you should stop the program.  Simple as that.  Oh, I’m sure that other states will be happy – for a while – to lure Hollywood movies until of course their money runs out, too: but the brutal truth of this is that subsidizing a movie production is a luxury for states.  And, thanks to Democrats in general and the current administration in particular, we all have to watch our budgets quite carefully these days.

Glamor is for rich states, in other words. Which is to say: not Connecticut.

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Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “Connecticut stops offering Hollywood a luxurious tax break.”

  1. Did you see the special legislative election results up in Conn. First time the seats gone GOP in over 40 years. The Gun control was considered the biggest issue, so much that even the Dem announced he was pro-gun and against Malloy’s idiotic new gun legislation. He also said he was against the new State Budget. Didn’t help him any as the Republican won 58.5% of the vote to his 41.2%.

    1. Does this imply people are learning that, when Dems are anti-abortion, anti-gun-control, and anti-tax-hike, they are *LYING*?

      1. Not sure, however it does seem to signal that Governor Dan Malloy better figure out a way to get jobs into Conn. and quit picking meaningless fights with the NRA or else Tom Foley will throw his bum out in 2014.

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