GREEN SLIME in the Philly sewers!!!!!

In retrospect – budget cuts, or no – the Philadelphia Water Department probably shouldn’t have stolen the diamond eye of that sleeping spider-god in that ruined underground temple down at the third sub-level.  Especially while the comet was in the sky during a full moon.

What it actually is is apparently a harmless dye used to see where the leaks are, because, hey, fluorescent green is easy to see.  Also – and I’m guessing that the PWD will not admit to this – it kind of freaks people out, but in a good way.  That is, it freaks people out in ways that produces News Of The Weird media pieces, but not in ways that cause people to load up on melee weapons and descend into the sewers to fight Glowing Cacodemons.  I feel that we can allow our utility services their little jokes, especially since the kids love this sort of thing anyway.g

2 thoughts on “GREEN SLIME in the Philly sewers!!!!!”

  1. Given the context, wouldn’t they be caca-demons?

    Shaddup. My MOM says I’m cool!

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