Point of Order: Ashley Judd did not withdraw from KY-SEN because of a semi-nude shoot.

For the record: I happen to agree that there is a fluorescent double standard in American politics when one candidate for NYC comptroller previously went to jail for providing prostitutes to another candidate for NYC comptroller – and if you haven’t watched Jake Tapper throw metaphorical acid in the face of Eliot Spitzer yet, well: here you go.

You’d think that would stop being funny.  But it doesn’t.

Anyway, the basic point I grant.  But I want to shut down this argument, before it starts:

When Ashley Judd inserted herself into a politically charged debate about coal mining in her home state of Kentucky, she was greeted with posters displaying a topless photo of her — not a titillating image from an issue of Playboy, but a tasteful pic from the women’s magazine Marie Claire. The tagline on the poster read, “Ashley Judd makes a living taking off her top. Why can’t coal miners?” Judd, a graduate of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, briefly considered a run for the Senate, before deciding against it.

Trust me: there were a lot of good reasons to oppose Ashley Judd’s candidacy, starting with the fact that she is a semi- literate goofball who had some very nasty supporters.  Apparently the Harvard School of Government doesn’t offer classes in standard English…

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “Point of Order: Ashley Judd did not withdraw from KY-SEN because of a semi-nude shoot.”

  1. Yeah, but-
    OK, I have nothing. It would have still been used against her. Everything’s fair in love, war, and politics (and I should know). I like to think the good people of Kentucky still have a sense of shame.

  2. Wait, Spitzer protected Capitalism? I thought the Marxist’s really liked him?

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