#Obamacare exchanges: June myth versus October reality.

Here’s a fun game: see how far you can get in this Atlantic Obamacare puff piece from June 2013 before you erupt in involuntary laughter!

As the first website to be demonstrated by a sitting President of the United States, Healthcare.gov already occupies an unusual place in history. In October, it will take on an even more important historic role, guiding millions of Americans through the process of choosing health insurance.

…I broke down at ‘millions.’  Although if I had managed to keep it together for that then I would have still completely lost it when I saw the Atlantic’s, ah, overly optimistic graphic on the Obamacare signup procedure.  This is a much more accurate representation of how the process is actually working right now:


Just thought I’d help out.

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  1. To steal a line from the cult classic Death Race 2000:

    “Loved by thousands, hated by millions!”

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