I feel *slightly* personally offended by @consumerreports, here… #obamacare

…because I was one of the people that reported on their recent advice to delay signing up for Obamacare; and this followup comment of theirs…

…is simply untrue.  The fact of it is that Consumer Reports (CR) is giving bad advice; delaying even trying to sign up for another month simply makes it almost certain that the people using that tactic will have a gap in their coverage.  It was irresponsible of CR to assume that insurance policies will be properly processed in six weeks, particularly if there’s anything resembling a backlog or line.  The Obama administration is calling for people to phone, face-to-face, or blessed well mail in their applications for a reason, after all. And that reason is that the administration knows that they’re under a serious time constraint, even if CR does not*.  That CR continues to inexplicably argue that the exchanges are clearly a consumer’s best bet for new insurance is kind of irrelevant to everyone’s original point.

The funny part?  I was joking about CR facing an IRS audit, by the way.  I am now ever so slightly less convinced that I was only joking.

Moe Lane

*Come right down to it, neither Breitbart nor The Hill (the two examples complained about by the CR followup) particularly distorted the original story.

2 thoughts on “I feel *slightly* personally offended by @consumerreports, here… #obamacare”

  1. I think they’ve listened to the administrations’ excuses that it’s just glitches do to demand. Instead of what seems to be the consensus in the IT community that the problem is with poor site architecture (i.e., to much extraneous data being accessed and backwards set up for what should be essentially an E-commerce site). Hence they advise people to wait in hopes the site will be fixed when it needs to be rebuilt and redesigned. Rebuilding 5 million lines of code into a more functional site isn’t going to happen in 30 to 45 days, it probably won’t happen in year either. The time to panic is now! Will the administration recognize the problem before Thanksgiving and ask for a one year delay in the individual mandate, I don’t think so.

  2. Oh, no, you were correct in your original estimation of the IRS participation in this series of events.

    We’re dealing with an admin that shut down Amber alert of out spite, remember?

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