Quote of the Day, …I Think An #Obamacare Delay Is On The Table edition.

Why?  Because of this snark.

Not since the Ginsu knife cut through an aluminum can and still sliced a tomato has America seen a pitch quite like the one President Obama delivered in the Rose Garden on Monday.

…That was Dana Milbank.

Dana Milbank.  When you can’t tell the administration yell leaders from the sarcastic mockers on first glance, well…

Moe Lane

PS: Milbank, by the way, is one of those people telling themselves that the shutdown blunted the impact of this story.  Judging from Memeorandum right at this moment, the question is: ‘blunted,’ as compared to what?

PPS: More accurately: an Obamacare delay was always on the table.  I think that the Obama administration may be beginning to think that it should make an offer for it.

11 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, …I Think An #Obamacare Delay Is On The Table edition.”

  1. Obama will bend over backwards once again and demand that the House delay ObamaCare. If the House says “No” then the media will skewer Republicans for being obstructionists (even though the Republicans offered this two weeks ago). So the Republican leadership will agree to delaying ObamaCare in return for … increased spending AND passing immigration reform. Sigh.

    1. “increased spending AND passing immigration reform amnesty.”
      Sorry. Looks like your spellcheck was a bit wonky. 🙂

  2. The stories are already written and filed, hands anticipating the wringing, pearls preparing to be clutched, headlines ready to proclaim, “Party of No hypocritically rejects 1 year delay just 1 month after proposing it themselves!!!!!!”

  3. On the upside, we may get to watch Obama shiv Harry Reid.
    Okay, it’s a rather small upside.

  4. There is one big problem with a delay of the mandate: what little underwriting the insurance companies were allowed to make was based on the expected age range of the people applying for insurance. Delay the mandate and the companies will lose money even with their inflated premiums which were designed to cover the new policy mandates. The only ones signing up will be the older and sicker and those who cannot resist the lure of free contraception.

    I know that Obamacare was designed to destroy the majority of the private insurance companies but what are the chances of replacing them with a government run company under this divided government?

  5. Even if it were possible to get some kind of single payer system there are downstream problems with O’bamacare also. You can’t mandate that a certain percentage of high school students have to become Doctors and that those working in medicine have to do so for the rest of their lives. Once the paychecks start to shrink there will be fewer and fewer people wanting to do the job. And we have a shortage now.

    1. It has been tried before by at least one other autocrat. It did not work well in cities but lasted through out feudal Europe in that the workers on a fief belonged to that fief and became subject to whomever was awarded the fief.

      Welcome to the Dark Ages!


      … In order to assure the long term survival of the empire, Diocletian identified certain occupations which he felt would have to be performed. These were known as the “compulsory services.” They included such occupations as soldiers, bakers, members of town councils, and tenant farmers. These functions became hereditary, and those engaging in them were inhibited from changing their careers…

      1. Whoops! Obviously that part about Diocletian and the crisis in the Roman Empire during the 3rd Century has nothing to do with the URL.

  6. GOP should immediately counter with Defund, Delay is a concession on our part. We aren’t *giving* Obama anything in exchange for it.

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