Why did Mother Jones make their interns (now ‘fellows’) sign up for food stamps?

As alleged here?

One former MJ intern who spoke to me on the condition of anonymity told me they “slept on an air mattress for six months while I worked there because I couldn’t afford a real one.” Another former intern said, “During our first meeting with HR at Mother Jones, we were advised to sign up for food stamps.”

…Simple.  Because Mother Jones could; and because everybody knows that professional progressive corporations like Mother Jones don’t really believe in all that half-baked don’t-call-it-socialism* nonsense that they peddle.  That junk’s for the rubes. The entire point of starting up one of these Lefty media corporations is to be at the top and draw a sweet salary from yelling about the Man.

…God, imagine the chaos that would ensue if the Activist Left was actually expected to live by the same rules that they want to inflict on the rest of us!

Via NRO.

Moe Lane

*The term ‘socialism’ doesn’t poll well.  Something about how almost every totalitarian dictatorship that piled bodies to the sky felt the urge to use the word ‘socialist,’ ah, liberally.