Quote of the Day, That’s Our @BarackObama! edition.

Alas, yes, ‘ours’ – even if he doesn’t consider himself ‘yours.’  You voted, didn’t ya*?

Anyway, Andrew Malcolm sums up Barack Obama’s official tribute to Nelson Mandela.

 During his 593-word statement, Obama managed to reference the deceased freedom fighter eight times.

Predictably, Obama also managed to reference Obama 14 times.

The heck of it is: it’s not the worst ostensible-subject-to-me ratio that Barack Obama’s ever managed.

Moe Lane

*Sorry, but we expect them to abide by the results of elections that we win, and ding them when they don’t.  Works both ways.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, That’s Our @BarackObama! edition.”

  1. I pride myself on the fact that unlike the leftists I despised during the Bush years, I have never yet uttered the phrase “He’s not my president.” I don’t like him, and I don’t want him to be my president, but he is. And if he’s not my president.
    I also despise those leftists somewhat less than I used to, to be honest — because if they felt about Bush anything like I feel about Obama, I can now understand how easy it was for them to fall into the easy temptation of saying it just once. And once you’ve said it once, it becomes easier to do it the second time…

  2. Sorry…that aborted comment was supposed to be “And if he’s not my president, I’m not an American citizen — which is a status I prize more than having an ideological ally in the White House.” I don’t know how that got deleted.

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