…OK, so I couldn’t pass that last one up.

I am only human, and the Landrieu situation is such a win-win scenario. If the Greens do somehow manage to scupper her taking Energy they’ll be roundly blamed for her defeat, and if they don’t (the high probability scenario) Landrieu will desperately try (and futilely) to green-light Keystone to wash away the sins of Obamacare. Either way, I come out ahead.

Worth a quick post, really.

7 thoughts on “…OK, so I couldn’t pass that last one up.”

  1. I am back! Finally we have been without phone, TV or internet since the 22nd. It sucked, on the plus side we did get a lot of snow and ice. We are going to be reconsidering the whole bundling thing in very short order.

    1. Yikes! Thanks for making me feel good about being only 30 hours in the dark. You must live deep in the boondocks. Where as I live on the outskirts.

  2. It wasn’t that bad Qixqatl we still had power. We only lost communications. That and my wife spent Christmas in the hospital.

  3. No Daniel we live in a densely populated area and a densely Forested area. Something took out a comm box it affected a lot of people, at least that’s what AT&T said. As for living in the dark We spent 10 days without power once, fun times!

    1. The last ice storm here in Maine, we were without power for 2 weeks. (Honestly not trying to 1-up you in the misery index). Luckily we have friends and family with wood stoves and/or generators we can count on to stay with.

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