I have decided to subscribe to a false media narrative*.

Basically, I am going to labor under the delusion that the NYT’s (false) report that the Benghazi attack was not due to al Qaeda-related terrorism is actually a clever bit of misdirection done by the shadow Hillary Clinton campaign to exonerate her record AND that the Washington Post’s rebuttal was the answering gambit by the shadow Joe Biden campaign to target Clinton AND that Robert Gates’ new memoir slamming both was actually put up by a shadowy Third Way cabal in the Democratic party to start a war between the two factions and allow for a dark horse candidate to sweep in.

I am doing this because it beats the alternative, which is admitting that one of the two major political parties in this country – one of the two with regular access to the policy-making process – is only capable of formulating foreign policy decisions that are evil, incompetent, or both. If it’s all a conspiracy, then at least you know that there’s an adult somewhere in the room. Somebody’s going to have a plan, and a skill set that can implement that plan.  It’s not incompetent buffoons all the way down…

Moe Lane

*I have not actually decided to subscribe to a false media narrative.

5 thoughts on “I have decided to subscribe to a false media narrative*.”

  1. Ah, the Moe Lane variation of the “With all this horse{dung}, there’s got to be a pony around here somewhere…” gag.
    * p.s. if you haven’t heard this one, I can re-tell it, but .. seriously, you haven’t heard this one? It’s ancient!

  2. It might might well be incompetent buffoons all the way down. I don’t really have a problem with this idea. One, my theories on pot. Two, that that it is stupidity, which might become apparent to many because of the nature of stupidity, seems more optimistic than the idea that someone let this happen because they have a scheme to profit from it somehow.

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