Jim Moran D, VA) stabs Democrats, @barackobama in the back over #Obamacare.

(H/T Hot Air) Jim Moran, having spent his professional life reliably being as awful a politician as possible without actually being arrested and/or beaten with sticks, has decided to end his political career doing what he does best. Which is to say, he hurt those who trusted him. Background: in Virginia young adults made up a paltry 27% of Obamacare signups.  This is a) unacceptably low and b) more or less in line with countrywide numbers.  When asked about what this meant, Moran replied:

“…I don’t think we’re going to get enough young people signing up to make this bill work as it was intended to financially.”

If Jim Moran’s prediction is correct, the whole law could unravel. He says there just isn’t enough incentive for healthy young people to sign up for insurance.

“And, frankly, there’s some legitimacy to their concern because the government spends about $7 for the elderly for every $1 it spends on the young,” Moran says.

…Marvel at the layers of betrayal there, my droogies.  First off, Jim Moran betrayed his constituents. Of course not enough young people are going to sign up.  I said that months before implementation. We all did. James Moran knew this. He voted for it anyway, and like the rest of the Democratic party he has been fighting tooth and nail any attempts to stop the implementation of this law before it kills somebody. Second, this is a pretty basic betrayal of the system itself; because – lest we forget – the needs of political parties were fairly deliberately ignored in the American Constitution.  Jim Moran can protest that he was being a good political soldier all he likes; he was supposed to pick country over faction, and didn’t.

And then there’s the betrayal of his faction, which is possibly the most small-souled betrayal of all.  If you simply must be purchased by the Democrats, show some professional respect and stay bought. Yes, I understand that Jim Moran wishes to set up an advantageous post-Congressional lobbying position.  So?

Moe Lane

PS: I left out the Congressman’s personal betrayal of the President, mostly because I have no way to prove my suspicion of why Jim Moran would betray Barack Obama.  And what is that suspicion?  Well, let me put it this way: to quote Terry Pratchett, Jim Moran is the sort of person who would pronounce the word “Negro” with two Gs.


5 thoughts on “Jim Moran D, VA) stabs Democrats, @barackobama in the back over #Obamacare.”

  1. This, Moe, is why it is as important (if not more important) to +not+ elect scumbags* to office. Arlen Specter is a second example of the type. (and he’s a turncoat Dem so I can safely mock his angry, sorry ass)
    Think of it as an interpretation of Breitbart’s admonition to be happy warriors .. we must also elect them. Electing angry, bitter scumbags* just gets us angry, bitter scumbags* in office.. it isn’t actually a solution.
    * no offense to scum, whether in or out of bags, was intended.

    1. p.s. would anyone care to lay odds on whether Moran approached the VA GOP about turning his coat?

      1. If he did, it was an emphatic “no”
        I mean if you thought the “War On Women” meme was bad before, it would get a heck of a lot worse by adding Moran to our ranks.
        And if the GOP was so cynical as to do that, I would quit the GOP.

      2. But I doubt he did. It’s not as if he’d gain anything from the GOP ( other then his old chairmanship back) but that won’t help him anymore now that earmarks have been banned ( in the House at least)
        And it’s not as if him switching would avoid some sort of GOP wave ( his district is Arlington, that’s commie country he’s safe)

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