Mark Begich desperately wants you to know that he loathes @BarackObama now. #obamacare

I included that hash-tag to remind you that Mark Begich, of course, is a brazen hypocrite.

While most Democrats have been quietly avoiding answering whether they would publicly campaign with President Obama, Alaska’s Mark Begich is forcefully rejecting the idea. “I don’t need him campaigning for me — I need him to change some of his policies,” the Alaska senator told CNN following the State of the Union address.

Funny thing about that: if Mark Begich had shown some moral courage on Obamacare, we wouldn’t be watching cancer patients lose their doctors because of Obama’s – and Begich’s – signature legislation. I bring this up not to engender a sense of shame in Mark Begich, but to engender a milder one in those Alaskans who made the regrettable mistake of voting for the man in 2008.  Thankfully, some mistakes can be rectified.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “Mark Begich desperately wants you to know that he loathes @BarackObama now. #obamacare”

  1. Do remember that Mr. Begich got into office thanks to the Justice department’s political assassination of Sen. Ted Stevens (Leading in fact, to the death of Sen. Stevens). The people of Alaska got lied to hard, and their mistake was listening to the “Justice” dept. It is sad that the Democrats have so corrupted our institutions, that trusting the permanent government on anything touching on politics is a mistake…..

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