8 thoughts on “Tweet of the day, …*Dude* edition.”

  1. I guess this is like those 3-D “Magic Eye” paintings because I honestly can’t see the woman.

    1. Really? Do you not know how to cross your eyes? People keep giving the bad “Rest Your Eyes” advice, but that will get you nowhere.

      If you can’t cross your eyes, I can teach you: Take the point of your finger as far away from face as possible and bring it to your nose. Take note that it becomes two images. Now do it again, except try to keep it as one image. After a few times, try crossing your eyes without using your finger. If you can do this, you can see those images.

      1. Yes, I do know how to cross my eyes. It just doesn’t work for me any more than I can see the image in that picture. I’ll just take it on faith that it’s there.

        1. The white, what would be the eye of the parrot, is her head. She has one arm wrapped up over her head–the hand forms the point of the parrot’s beak; her elbow, the point of the top of the parrot’s head. Her other arm forms the wing on the left, her hand is the claw; she has one leg raised, bent at the knee, forming the other wing, and her second leg, stretched out, forms the tail. Look closely at the leg, and you can see her knee, the bulge of her calf, her ankle, heel, and toes.

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