Is this the ultimate in decadence, globalization, awesome, or all three?

Jamaica Blue Mountain K-Cups.

According to the box, this is not a blend; according to the website, they’re certified. Now I just have to figure out how to drink it properly. Two notes: I don’t take my coffee black and I don’t take my coffee without sweeteners. I am willing to try swanky versions of both, but let’s establish right now that I’m not a true coffee aesthete so that we can all move on, OK?

Moe Lane

PS: With 2% milk and several sugars it tastes pretty damn good already. But I’m willing to refine the delivery method up a bit.

8 thoughts on “Is this the ultimate in decadence, globalization, awesome, or all three?”

  1. If you add milk and sugar, then it ain’t worth buying this stuff. Jamaican blue and Kona are great coffees and some of the few I will drink without creamer

  2. I always figured that “drinking it properly” was the same as with wine, which meant “do you really like the result?”

    I may not be Robert Parker, but I do like my results. 🙂

    FWIW, I’d try this with half-and-half, and add turbinado sugar to taste — as always, your mileage may vary. It’s a little pricey to use as the base for cafe au lait.

  3. You’re buying this from Marley Coffee.

    You DO realize that it’s cut with 45% ganja, don’t you?


  4. It’s really a matter of what you like, Moe.
    I live quite nicely without sugar in my coffee (and I never got into “artificial sweet”) by changing from 2% to whole (or, better, heavy cream) and by increasing the milk-to-coffee ratio a bit.
    Crap restaurant coffee gets cream, taste, pinch of salt if needed, taste again, if it still sucks then add sugar – preferably “in the raw” – the molasses flavor is nice.
    Then, there’s “bulletproof coffee” or “buttered coffee”. Haven’t tried that one yet, but have heard it’s a good thing.

  5. Eh, being a k cup it’s probably about 40% instant coffee, and I suspect being instant-ized sucks most of the Jamaican Blue Goodness out, but it’s probably an ok mug for that. Can’t give you suggestions on adjustments, though, black is the only way to go for me. Maybe get a 20 ounce mug, put 4 ounces of corn syrup and 4 ounces of heavy cream in it? That would probably sufficiently remove all coffee flavor for you.

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