Why Barack Obama should be relieved that George W Bush is more popular than he is.

What’s that? Oh, yeah, funny how that happened:

No less a source than FIVE THIRTY EIGHT DOT COM reports that Greatest Living President George W. Bush is on the rebound: “Since April, Bush’s favorable rating has averaged 49.3 percent. His unfavorable rating has averaged 46.3 percent.”

As the Washington Free Beacon perhaps somewhat gleefully went on to note, that’s rather better than Obama’s current 45.8/49.8.  But it’s good news for President Obama, really. Do you know why?  Because it means that even though Barack Obama’s numbers are going to almost certainly plummet further in the next few years, the American people will almost certainly eventually forgive him, too.  Just as soon as Barack Obama leaves office.  Because that’s what the American people do.  

Although I suppose that it won’t hurt if the President takes up a hobby.  I recommend polo: good exercise, fresh air, and gets one access to all the best families.

Moe Lane

PS: I should note, by the way, that any person who has based his or her morality and/or reason for existence around hating George W Bush is going to find this news horrific, on a level that is practically Lovecraftian in its nihilistic indifference to mere human suffering.  There’s nothing that I can do for those people – and not much that I’d like to do for those people, to be mean-spirited, yet accurate about it – but I can and will offer them as an Awful Example.  Don’t let this happen to you.

5 thoughts on “Why Barack Obama should be relieved that George W Bush is more popular than he is.”

  1. Hey he still has two and a half years to end up on the Benedict Arnold/ Arron Burr/ Jimmy Carter list.

  2. I’d put him in the running ahead of Carter but he at least hasn’t had a nuclear mishap yet.

  3. Worse, if you factor out the 12% of the population that is African-American with fixed views, W has a massive lead with other Americans.

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