#Obamacare kills Romneycare in Massachusetts.

Tell me again how brilliant the current administration is.  No, go ahead: I always enjoy a good dose of cathartic laughter.

Massachusetts plans to completely scrap the state’s dysfunctional online health insurance website, deciding that it would be too expensive and time-consuming to fix the overwhelming number of flaws.

Instead, officials will buy an off-the-shelf product used by several other states to enroll residents in health plans, while simultaneously preparing to join the federal HealthCare.gov insurance marketplace if that product fails.

Via David Freddoso, who also noted that this means that Massachusetts traded a statewide universal healthcare system that actually more or less worked, arguably, with a statewide healthcare system that burned down, fell over, and fell into the swamp.  I’m shaking my head with equal fervor, let me tell you – especially since I know that there’s a non-trivial chance that the USSC will tell the government that they can’t actually offer tax subsidies on federal Obamacare policies.  And won’t that just set the cat among the pigeons…

Moe Lane

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  1. I think Wendy Davis would have called it “catheteric” laughter while simultaneously not seeing the humor in it.

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