3 thoughts on “‘Something.’”

  1. Sullivan by Caroline’s Spine
    I can’t listen to this song without losing it and start to cry, despite it being a rock song. I think why it’s so moving, is because it is based upon a true story of five Sullivan brothers. The build up in the final verse is epic and hits you like a ton of bricks when you are told their fate. The haunting guitar riffs are perfect compliment to the lyrics.
    I hope you had a safe Memorial Day Weekend.

  2. Though Gerge is my favorite Beatle, John and Paul were both, in my opinion, better songwriters on average. But Something is one of those rare gems that is right up there with the best of the other two, and is arguably the greatest of all Beatles songs.

    Ironically, George would never have completed it without the other two prodding him after they heard a sampling of the song, which George considered just him messing around. Doodling, in a sense.

  3. This was my first dance song at my wedding. I wanted a song that was both classic, not annoying, and something that we wouldn’t get overly tired of practicing dancing to. As it turned out, the band we hired told us that this was the very first time they had been requested to play that song specifically– usually they pulled it out as a wise-ass response to people asking them to ‘play something’.

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