Voter fraud probe in Minnesota state legislature (Democratic) primary.

Well, isn’t this interesting.

The Hennepin County attorney’s office is investigating whether a private mailbox center in Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside neighborhood has been improperly used as an address for more than 140 voters.

State records show that 419 Cedar Avenue S. has been used by some of the voters as far back as 2008.

No one lives at the address, which is a Somali-dominated commercial building housing several small businesses and a popular mail center. Several dozen apartments upstairs use a different building number. Records also show that more than 90 of the registrants at that address have voted in previous elections, although it’s unclear how many voted while registered at 419 Cedar.

Not least because we keep getting told over and over that there is no such thing as sigificant voter fraud in this country. Well, tell that to Democratic state representative Phyllis Kahn, who is in the middle of a tough primary fight with Somalian-American candidate Mohamud Noor. Her campaign is the one calling for an investigation, not any Republican-affiliated one. Nope, the Republicans are merely the ones saying “We told you so.”

Anyway… more here from Powerline (via Instapundit), including the pertinent and amusing (if you have a suitably dark sense of humor) details of shenanigans in this particular state legislative election.  And if that’s not enough to keep you interested, here’s this: Powerline observed that this address has been in use in Minnesota elections since 2008.  Translation: the same people that may be about to commit vote fraud in a Democratic state primary might have also committed vote fraud in the heavily contested and highly suspicious Al Franken Senate win.


We told you so.

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2 thoughts on “Voter fraud probe in Minnesota state legislature (Democratic) primary.”

  1. Not exactly surprised by this, just another example why people should be required to show Photo-IDs at the ballet box.

  2. I wonder how many of them are in the country illegally or convicted felons.
    Renting a box at a mail center is a good first step when creating a false identity. (Or so I’ve heard.)

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