Of *course* Corporate America hasn’t been disrupted! This is the *Obama* administration!

They have no desire to change the system!

Existing, established companies that can be locked into a profitable relationship with government (well, profitable for the government) are to be preferred. The smaller, newer companies don’t know their place. They don’t know how to grease the wheels, show proper respect, and/or come to an understanding. Why, some of their CEOs or owners don’t even rush to give former administration officials cushy jobs!

Honestly, ever since this administration took office I’ve been wishing I spoke Italian.  I can’t imagine but that there were any number of people who had some choice things to say about Benito Mussolini and his views of the proper relationship between business and government when Mussolini was just starting out; but, unfortunately, contemporary American Progressives virtually worshipped the man at the time, so none of the really topical stuff would be in English.

Moe Lane

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