The American Prospect: Hey, so we lose six Senate seats and control. No biggie.

Ooh, I wasn’t expecting stories like this until some time after Labor Day:


Link via RCP: the gist of it is that of course the Democrats will win back the Senate in 2016, because all of those young, hip, ethnically diverse voters will come out and vote for the Democratic candidate for Senator, right after they vote for whichever old white person the Democrats nominate for President!

…Huh. Doesn’t have the same zing, when put that way.

Anyhoo: when you’re telling your readers that losing won’t be so bad, what you’re really telling your readers is that all y’all are about to lose. Which I can’t really criticize, per se. After all, I’ve been in the same kind of situations, myself – although I hope that I was at least a bit more honest about it all than The American Prospect is being. At some point TAP needs to let its readers know that the American electorate has a real problem with letting one party have the Oval Office for too long, and that the Democrats are on the short end of the stick…

7 thoughts on “The American Prospect: Hey, so we lose six Senate seats and control. No biggie.”

  1. Gotta say, Moe, I’m getting a REAL bad feeling about this, with the talk of secret ground games and the GOP sucking in Kansas all of a sudden…

        1. Don’t care if y’all have your hopes up, just as long as you’re not Eeyore’ing others and slacking off, eh?

  2. The American electorate may have a problem with the Democrats. But do the people who count the votes have a problem with the Democrats?

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