Umm… don’t they make that Ebola vaccine from tobacco?

So why is the UN/WHO going forward on taxing the stuff? “As we reported at the beginning of the month, the United States is sitting out the World Health Organization’s (WHO) conference in Moscow where they will discuss massive new taxes on tobacco products – and potentially e-cigarettes as well – in all nations who have signed on to their treaty.” Mind you, the USA didn’t sign onto that treaty, so maybe it won’t have that much effect on things; but you’d think that the international community might want to think things throu…


Yeah, right, never mind.

One thought on “Umm… don’t they make that Ebola vaccine from tobacco?”

  1. Zmap isn’t a vaccine it’s more of a virus blocker or anti-viral. from what I understand of how it works. It may have other uses beyond Ebola as well. But yes it would be nice if the idiots would hold off on making life saving drugs more expensive.

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