Chlorine gas attack in Chicago hotel.

Fortunately, it wasn’t weaponized chlorine gas,* so it doesn’t look like anybody died.

Nineteen people were hospitalized early Sunday after an intentional chlorine leak at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare during the 2014 Midwest FurFest, public safety officials said.

The leak, reported at about 12:45 a.m. Sunday, caused a complete evacuation of the hotel at 9300 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue. The hotel was hosting the Midwest FurFest convention. Attendees dress up like furry animals and celebrate art, literature and performance based on anthropomorphic animals, according to the convention’s website.

Fortunately for my faith in humanity, there have been fewer examples of slack-jawed yahooism masquerading as wit in the various comments to this story than I expected.  Which is good, because the ones that I have seen give me a powerful urge to clip people around the ear.  Poison gas attacks are foul.

Moe Lane

*Looks like somebody took powdered chlorine and released it in an area where the fumes could build up.  So at least it’s not a foreign terrorist attack.

8 thoughts on “Chlorine gas attack in Chicago hotel.”

  1. I will take a wild guess and say leftist animal rights activists. Maybe not, maybe just leftists who dislike anyone else having fun.

    1. Nah, this wasn’t a bunch of furriers, it was a bunch of furries. I have no problem mocking furries, but, like Moe, I have a HUGE problem with indiscriminate – and moreover, cowardly – attacks on people.

      Whether this is some kind of self-contradictory moral expression of disapproval (or perhaps someone is merely royally pissed that they lost last years costume competition because Ser DudeBro Yifferton wore the exact same leash and collar to the cotillion), and they’re going to SHOW THEM ALL THE ERROR OF THEIR WAYS is irrelevant.

      Furries Ruin Eveything[tm], but that’s no justification for violence.


      1. Furries are a thing? Really? I lead a sheltered life I guess. Never heard of them. Can it be that I have unjustly maligned the LEFT? Is that even possible? I have to think on this.

  2. While nobody really likes furries, I’ve never known anyone to loathe them enough to want to gas them.

  3. Moe you do a good job of moderating. I have not posted in quite a while, but I have read the whole time. I didn’t even realize you had a troll/site rules problem until last week, I just never noticed it. I actually thought that’ers were the most well behaved denizens on the ‘net.

    Surely other sites, make a big deal out of bannings,troll wars, “meta” (whatever that is) but I never noticed that here. That is a testament to your readers and certainly to your moderation skills.

    that sounded kiss ass, but I would never do that, I am for real. Cheers.

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